Project Description

Evolution Message Matters client, Magarelli Fertility, needed a new brand and identity plan. I made valuable suggestions to rename the company Magarelli Fertility after the founding doctor, salvaging recognition for significant media coverage.

Once the name was confirmed the logo was designed and developed using a color palette to communicate to separate market segments. The pink/navy logo is the default, adding a teal/navy logo for LGBTQ communications and red/navy logo for messaging to military patients. Blue was deliberately not used as it is often used in this field. The goal was to create a palette of fresh modern colors that would have a strong yet unique presence.

The mark on the logo is based on the structure of a human embryo. It can be used as a texture in a pattern as is indicated on the business card. Additionally, curves are used throughout the materials for this company. A left hand curve or bump subtly indicating the curve of a pregnant belly is also used on designs.