Project Description

The Young Americans Bank clientele is under 21, so they needed a diversion for siblings and children waiting in line in the bank lobby. They hired Click Point to build a touch screen game kiosk. I designed the interface and worked on the team to brainstorm concepts. I designed and produced the graphics for the interface and all of the buttons and selected cartoon-like sounds.

The games needed to appeal to different age groups: Tots (3-7), Tweens (8-11) and Teens (12-21), so we created 6 games in total. The Tots main game is a money identification game. A piggy bank in the upper right corner collected coins with a fun “coin-in-the-can” sound. The Tweens main game is a board game where the user gathers money by doing tasks like babysitting or mowing the lawn. Non-point earning stops yield a savings tip. The amount in the bank changes as the user travels along the board. The Teens game focused on the cost of living with short articles on taxes, identity theft, investing and credit cards.