Project Description

Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM) is a franchise of ivf clinics started in Colorado by Dr. William Schoolcraft. When I started working on CCRM’s website they had formed the first partnership with Houston IVF. Three years later, when they hired a full-service ad agency, they had grown into 11 regions across the U.S.A. and Canada. The website I worked on for those years accomplished patient education, event coordination, frequent industry news and blogging, promotions of new locations, credentials of new hires and doctors, information for Chinese and other foreign clients, information for the LGBTQ community, self-administering drug videos, and franchise information for the business branch. The website received robust social marketing, digital campaigns and news media leads. In my role, I helped the marketing team by redesigning the entire site, recommended hosting, the Avada WordPress theme and useful add-ons, built out hundreds of pages of content, assisted the busy team with imagery, new page designs and updates. I successfully managed the site updates, recommended a sand-box, coordinated the hosting, and the internal IT department for three years.